Gov Prince otu Spokesperson Pst Bill wish unical V. c Happy Birthday


Dear Professor Florence Obi,

I wish you a very happy birthday, and may this new year bring you many new successes and triumphs.

As a senator that served in the 8th Senate of the University, posterity will not forgive me if I fail to celebrate with you on this your auspicious day.

You played an unforgettable role during that election that brought me in as a senator following your signature on my certificate even at the disapproval of some individuals, you crowned me the senator of the 8th Legal Senate Chambers.

 You've accomplished so much in your tenure as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Calabar, and I hope that your efforts continue to bear fruit. I know that you are committed to improving the university and making it a shining example for all of Nigeria.

 I'm confident that you will continue to achieve great things, and I wish you all the best in the future.

Absolutely, you made lots of incredible and interesting achievements during your time as Vice-Chancellor, you have really improved the infrastructure of the University, with new buildings and facilities.

You have also increased the funding for research, and she's worked to attract international recognition for the University.

Under your leadership, the university has become more competitive, and it's now of the top universities in Nigeria.

Prof, it is on record that, you have improved the quality of life for the students and staffs, and equally overseen the construction of new lecture theatres, new library, new sports complex, new school of engineering.

You've also improved the existing facilities, including new classrooms, laboratories, and administrative offices, gone are the days when Students stand to learn, with the introduction of online course registrations and online result checking by your  administration, it is now very easy for graduating students to have their results immediately after graduation, thank you so much!

You're a force of nature and we are proud of you!

I and my family, wish you all the best in future, age with abundant blessings from God.


*Hon. Chief Pst. Bill Francis Bill,*

*Spokesperson To His Excellency Prince Bassey Otu, Governor of Cross River State*

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