"Governor Otu's Victory Confirmed; PDP Faces Humiliation"

Governor Otu's Victory Confirmed; PDP Faces Humiliation



Pst, Pst Bill Francis Bill spokesperson to Governor Prince advice the People's Democratic Party (PDP) and it's candidate, Sandy, to end their legal challenge of the recent election results and allow the people's Governor Prince Otu to focus on the future of Cross River state, this will save them from the upcoming humiliations, disgrace and overgrown embarrassment that awaits them on Tuesday.

The legal challenge has been a distraction from the important works that needs to be done to improve the lives of the people of Cross River State.

It is unarguably clear that, Governor Otu was democratically elected by the people of Cross River State, by winning landslidely in many polling units in across northern and southern parts of the State, especially the northern part, where he secured bulk votes, even went as far as winning Sandy of PDP in his own polling unit, this is the height of it all, it shows how rejected these people are, and they should admit the fact that they are no longer needed in Cross River State, the people has sent them packing, Tuesday judgement will not make a difference, Gov. Prince Bassey Otu's victory will still be re-affirmed, take it to the bank!

Let it be known to them and Sandy, that our Governor is committed to working on behalf of all the people of Cross River State, regardless of their political affiliation, this shows that their interests are equally protected, the Governor is accommodating, and will equally accommodate if they become fugitive, and honorably, imbibe the spirit of sportsmanship.

The Governor's juicy agenda includes improving infrastructure, expanding access to education and healthcare, and promoting economic development, the people of Cross River are not going to take it lightly with any person, or group of people who are working negatively to truncate this their long awaited mandate, PDP and Sandy, take note!.

Sandy let it be known to you that you still have pre-election legal battle where you got suspended at the eve of the election, this further explains that you are not even candidate during the election, go and resolve your pre election battle before questioning or challenging the victory of our Governor.

We want to thank the electorates  of Cross River State for their overwhelming support of Prince Otu, our working and clean Governor, who received a significant majority of the votes across the entire states.
This shows that the people have confidence in his ability to lead and serve them effectively, we hope that this result will be respected and accepted by all parties involved and we want to assure you all that his victory will be re-affirmed on Tuesday, no shaking, Our Governor is intact..

 Sandy and his party, People's Democratic Party (PDP) should  allow the people's Governor to discharge his duties to the good people of Cross River State.

 Let them stop distracting the Governor, they should roaming around the court, seeking for unmerited judgement, the funds spending by this rejected party by the people of Cross River State should be used to settle their lingering party affairs, including empowering the party and men and women who doesn't have hope in the streets, they should assist the Governor, it will go a long way, imbibing spirit of sportsmanship is the best option.

Tuesday will surely mark the end of Post election legal battle and it's certain that our Governor's victory will still be upheld, so let's not be deterred or perturbed, PDP will surely be disgraced on Tuesday.

*Signed: Hon. Chief Bill Francis Bill.*
*Spokesperson To The Governor, Cross River State.*

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