1)Today I Chaired a meeting of Ambassadors, Ministers,Top Government Officials,Development Partners of Over fifty Countries  at the Hague, Netherlands who came from  different  parts of the world including, Europe, Asia, America, Africa and the Middle East to attend  the thematic meeting of the Rabat Process on Migration, Youth, and Development,  co-hosted by the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

At the  meeting which had a global audience on social media including X(Former Twitter),Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin, I spoke about various factors incuding illegal migration that result to humanitarian crises and poverty challenges in Nigeria,Africa and the world. The challenges of young people when they migrate include human trafficking, organ harvesting, modern-day slavery, sexual abuse, poor living conditions in the new country of asylum, and sometimes death in the Mediterranean Sea or desert

I also discussed on the Multi-sectoral  Approach of the Renewed Hope Agenda of President Tinubu's Policy framework on how to solve "Japa" Syndrome  through significant strides in the poverty Eradication Programmes, job creation, Creative industry, education, Health, Science,Environment, inclusion of young people in  leadership, and sports etc.

Quick Solution to most of these Global Challenges were part of the  issues  discussed  at the meeting aimed at Exploring the connection between migration, youth, and development especially among  the young people between aged 15 and 24 years , who make up 16% of the world's population,

The Government of Nigeria, Netherlands, and  fourty eight other  countries  in attendance showed commitment to end illegal migration and develop young people in their countries, creating an enabling environment for them to thrive.

2) On the Sideline of the Event, there was a bilateral meeting where various discussions Concerning the Presidential Hummanitarian and poverty alleviation Trust Fund, with a call for  Different International Development Partners  and hight networth individuals to support. The stakeholders were briefed about the policy direction of President Tinubu's Renewed Hope Agenda on humanitarian response, Poverty Alleviation, and End Hunger Projects.

3)From there, I moved to the Nigeria House at the Hague, where I met with the Nigerian Ambassador to Netherlands, Dr Eniola Ajayi, and top Diplomats in Nigeria Mission  office, I must tell you that Dr. Eniola is a perfect example of Renewed Hope Agenda Envoy,going by   the way she carries the image and flag of Nigeria 🇳🇬 high in the Kingdom of Netherlands 🇳🇱.

She presented a book she authored  to me, " Nigeria At A Glance." Inside the book were Nigeria embassies and high commissioner offices, their addresses, contacts, and directions across the world

#Renewed Hope Agenda 

#Nigeria Must Work for All 

#End Poverty and humanitarian crises In Nigeria 

Hon Pst Bill Francis Bill Senior Chief Advocate to Hon,Dr, Minister Betta for Better Nigeria 

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