28th October,2023

To; His Excellency,

       Sen. Prince Bassey Otu,

       Executive Governor, CRS,

       Security Chiefs,

       SA/SSA on Security and 

        The Public.

It’s a common practice and tradition for several years especially to those from CRS Central and regular travelers about the notorious robbery/kidnapping activities along IWURU-AKPET axis.

I wish to notify you especially the Public that as at last night they have changed location. They always mount their road blocks 7:30-8pm regularly about 700-800 yards from the nearest security checkpoint and closes between 3:30-4am along Iwuru/Akpet axis. They have changed location last night to Ekori(Ekoli) / Npani axis. My younger brother ran into their barricade last night, lost control and knocked one of them down and was more lucky than James Bond to escape under a hot chase with bikes. 

To my dismay, if we as civilians as we are know this for a fact ,why are the Security personnel’s with numerous checkpoints along same routes pretending as if all is well and allow these gangs with so much confidence to operate? 

Your Excellency, we know you have zero tolerance for criminals as evidenced with lots of stop and search ongoing in Calabar even though the police as usual have turned it into Moniepoint ventures by focusing on expired car papers and tinted permit instead of the criminals. Kindly call an urgent meeting with your Chiefs with a matching order to clean up these highways especially this festive season approaching as negative publicity on safety will mar forthcoming Carnival.

To the Public and the rest of us, you know we’re on our own in this country and the Governments are observing table manners while focusing on the GLORIES of the office instead of our welfares.PLEASE, PLEASE AND PLEASE AVOID TRAVELING AT NIGHT AND STAYING OUT LATE.

Please circulate to save a soul today and until it reaches the Governor and the Security Chiefs cum SSAs. 

Proudly Cross River.

NB: This is real life story that occurred about 8:30pm last night and not social media stories to discredit anyone.

“If you see something, say something “……

Hon, Sen, Pst Chief Bill Francis Bill Spokesperson to Governor Prince Otu 

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