Dear sessalite 

As we move closer to the forthcoming SSESA polls, May I use this medium to commend you all for the passion and dedication you're showing towards the growth of our great association. 

We must sustain the enthusiasm we're showing towards the association now by getting it right.

Sen. Nwoyi Eyong is out to challenge the status quo by contesting for SSESA President not for ego display as a female or majorly on the grounds that Education Geography have not produce a departmental president since the creation of the Department but is because she genuinely have something to offer.

Having a Departmental president like Sen. Nwoyi Eyong, a 300level Student of Education Geography with numerous track record of excellence, can bring several benefits to the Association. 

It’s time for us all to come together and give our association a new face, with new ideas, with the best person for the job. Sen. Nwoyi Eyong is the right woman to help steady the ship and take the association to greater heights: She is granted with the following:

1. Institutional Knowledge: Sen. Nwoyi Eyong experience as a student of the Department, precisely Education Geography unit gives her valuable institutional knowledge. she  understands the challenges faced by Sessalites (especially female Students) and the potential areas for improvement within and outside the association.

2. Active Unionist Background: Sen. Nwoyi Eyong background as an active unionist is top notch. She had Served and is still serving. She was one of the FASSESA Pioneer SUG senators who also made list of different committees. Her experience as class Rep till date demonstrate leadership skills and ability to mobilize Students towards common good and this skills can be invaluable in steering the Association in the right direction when elected. Sen. Nwoyi Eyong is a seasoned unionist.

3. Outstanding Character: Sen. Nwoyi Eyong reputation for being outstanding and corruption-free is a testament to her integrity. The students and executives under her leadership will benefit alot from having a leader who is transparent, accountable, and places the association's interests above personal gains.

4. Fresh Perspective: Taking the association to greater heights often requires fresh ideas and approaches. Sen. Nwoyi Eyong becoming president will bring new perspective, innovative thinking, and a proactive approach to problem-solving, which may lead to positive changes within the association.

5. Consolidating the past and Rebuilding the future: The Department past leaderships did/have done their best. Having Sen. Nwoyi Eyong as a new leader of SSESA will signify a departure from the old ways errors. Her leadership will bring renewed enthusiasm, motivation, and a sense of purpose among Students.

Also, it's important to note that leadership decisions should be based on a thorough assessment of an individual's experience, qualifications, skills, and vision for the association. It is crucial to consider the broader needs of  SSESA to ensure the best fit for the association's goals and objectives.

 Having painstakingly assessed all these attributes and qualities, it is fair to say Sen. Nwoyi Eyong is the best woman for the task ahead. 

We need someone that will take it further and not to stagnate it.

....*Let The Strong Allow The Weak Breath* 

Vote Sen. Nwoyi Eyong For SSESA President.

Published by Pst Bill Francis Bill Spokesperson to Governor Prince Otu and Ceo Billionaire Bill media Team and Blog.

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