Otu- Ekong Engr Ben Akak 1 of Ukwa Ancient kingdom

his Philanthropic activities that has span through decades, describing him as a Godly, resourceful, energetic, dynamic, compassionate, and vibrant individual, who has given back to his community in a tremendous amount. 

Youth of crs said,Otu-Ekong Engr Ben Akak philanthropic activities are not only influenced by his God given wealth; but, by his passion to alleviate poverty from the society. Furthermore, his passion towards the development of the society, made him to commit millions of naira into infrastructure and human capital development."

Engr Ben Akak humanitarian interventions in infrastructure sector and human capital development.

Engr Ben Akak unquantifiable philanthropic gesture to humanity. In addition,Engr Ben has positively affected virtually all facets of mankind in no measure through his foundation. 

The Company is community driven and poised for youth development, and as such prioritized the empowerment of youths over the maximization of profit. The company has become a major employer of labour with over 1000 staff including non Indigin in Cross River State. 

Youth of crs pray to God to bless Otu-Ekong Engr Ben Akak with excellent health to continue to serve humanity.

Hon, Sen, Pst Chief Bill Francis Bill Senior Chief Advocate to Otu- Ekong Engr Ben Akak

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