“Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.” – Napoleon Hill

Cross River State was just on the verge of becoming an annexed territory if not for Ayade’s firm stance, resilience, and sacrifice.

The back to south we sing as offertory hymns today might have been mere thoughts that never saw the light of the day. One man paid the price for what seemed like a herculean task.

So many might not know the huge price former Governor Benedict Benjoushuye Akinshuye Sir Ayade Con Ksji paid for Cross River State to have a Governor elected by Cross Riverians. An emperor in the South South fought so hard to handpick leaders in Cross River, like he did in his own state. Today, everybody knows what has happened in his State. Imagine he succeeded in adding Cross River State to his list of annexed territories, I doubt if we would have been enjoying the peace we are enjoying today as Cross Riverians.

It is no news that the 2023 Cross River Northern Senatorial District election was heavily militarised. Even the candidate of the PDP alluded to this fact when he hailed Sir Benedict Benjoushuye Akinshuye Sir Ayade Con Ksji the great.for staying calm in the face of persecution. For Ayade, it was never about him, but ensuring that these power mongers don’t find their way to Cross River State 

I don’t blame the candidate of the PDP, he is just a messenger. The plan to kill Sen. Sir Ayade’s return to the senate was conceived long before now, it is as old as his first term in office as Governor. A group of individuals in the South South saw his rising profile nationally and internationally, as a threat to their quest to be the sole decision makers in the zone. 

They saw Cross River as a vulnerable state that could be colonised. Sir Benedict Benjoushuye Akinshuye Ayade Con Ksji the great resisted them and stood firm to ensure the state remained free from captivity. Of course, the overall victory was not served À la cartè, it required lots of sacrifices, and Sir Ayade paid the ultimate price. 

Some of us did not expect a miracle from the Tribunal knowing how far they went to block Sir Ayade’s obvious victory. They held late night meetings like witches celebrating Samhain. The votes that were cooked up to make their boy the winner of that election were exposed in court. Invalid votes were duly subtracted, which gave Sir Benedict Benjoushuye Akinshuye Ayade Con Ksji the great.a lead by a very wide margin. 

They know Sir Benedict Benjoushuye Akinshuye Sir Ayade Con Ksji the great. is intelligent, exposed and smart. To ensure the man they see as a threat does not go back to the Senate, they lobbied everybody and did everything humanly possible to ensure Sir Benedict Benjoushuye Akinshuye Sir Ayade Con Ksji the great.stays out of politics. They went as far as issuing threats to the judge, who was left with no option than to sign up to their bidding.

With the Senate Presidency zoned to the South South,Sir Ayade Con, of course, had to be kept out of the Senate to avoid the possibility of a"banana pill." Nobody wants to experience what Chuba Okadigbo or Evans Ewerem experienced. So it is natural to expect that the man currently occupying the top seat in the senate will do everything possible to stop a most likely threat from coming to the National Assembly.

On the 31st of October, Judgement had already been written and was ready to be delivered, knowing clearly that the judgement was not in their favour, they pressured the Panel and judgement was adjourned. That short period provided a window for them to manipulate the case to their advantage.

Time after time, Sir Ayade has reiterated that it was a sacrifice that leaves him zero regrets. He is so proud of it that he has consistently said he will be happy to do it again and again if it will guarantee Cross River's independence from these external marauders.

The man representing Cross River North in the Senate is just a dancer. The drummers are having a good time. But no man is God!

All of these is just a strategy, God planned everything to go this way. But like they say "nobody knows tomorrow".

Some of us will continue to stand firm with Sir Benedict Benjoushuye Akinshuye Ayade Con Ksji the great.because we know the sacrifices he made for Cross River to be free from the shackles of captivity. We know the trials and their evil plans for him. But again, no man is God. 

Otu is the greatest beneficiary of all these intrigues, whether he appreciates it is left for posterity to judge him.

Sir Benedict Benjoushuye Akinshuye Sir Ayade Con. Ksji paid the price, and he will forever remain our HERO!

Published by Pst Chief Billionaire Bill Spokesperson to Governor Prince Otu and Sir Ayade Con Ksji Disciple and Ceo Billionaire Bill media Team and Blog.

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