I greet us in the spirit of Solidarity...

I must commend Nigerian Students for the maturity, tactical cordination and overwhelming solidarity demonstrated yesterday!

It shows that students are still United in the Republik and also to a greater extent there are still corrosive Malabites and Malabresses in our Ancient Republik! 

Going forward, we must be resilient and be highly tenacious on issues that affect the entire Students Community. Laxity and "Sleeping on the Bicycle" shall no longer be part of us! We must be watchful and follow up this matter of "School Fees Increment" to the very end. Let us not forget that our oppressors have gone back to the drawing board to regroup and come back with enticing and shrewd ploys to impose this increment on us! We must resist them with all we have got!

Need I forget! Be mindful of those you commune with in tribulations like this! Most of them have already collected stipends and have compromised the struggles! We must be mindful of their schemings and advices less they mislead us!

In submission, be rest assured that all Ex Malabites and Malabresses in disapora are fully intandem with you on this journey to Uhuru! We shall not quiver nor slack in rendering whatsoever Support to all of you. 

Do not fear! 

Do not be distracted! 

Do not Compromise!

We share a common oppressor! God will surely give us a deserving victory against "them".

God continue to bless all Malabites and Malabresses!

God continue to bless our Great Republik!

 *Venerable Comrade Akobi Nelson* 

Malabite 2015✊🏾

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