PRAY WITH PROF APOSTLE JOHNSON SULEIMAN WONDERS WITHOUT NUMBER (December Edition - 29th Dec. 2023) #Day21 #ThatThouMayestProsper🔥🙇‍♀

 WONDERS WITHOUT NUMBER (December Edition - 29th Dec. 2023) #Day21 #ThatThouMayestProsper🔥🙇‍♀ 


- My Father (2x), As I Begin To Pray, LORD, Anyway I Have Not Done Enough, Show Me Mercy


1. Good morning Papa. I am Nnamdi from Warri. My children's tablet stopped working; I then anointed it with the oil Papa blessed. Two days later the tablet started working again. Thank you Jesus, our time has come!

2. Good morning Papa. My son was denied his student visa after paying school fees, buying ticket and registration was closing on the day he was supposed to arrive. He was advised by the embassy to go through administrative review, which we did. It took them long to reply. I connected to this platform asking God to intervene. To the glory of God, he was called to submit his passport and within 24 hours his visa was released. Emeso from Lagos

3. Good morning Papa. I had been battling with a spiritual wife in my dreams. Whenever I am expecting something, this spirit wife will come and have sex with me in the dream. Then after, I would not get what I am expecting again. I sent a prayer request to WWN and I no longer experience that dream again. Thank you Jesus, my time has come! Onyekachi from Lagos

4. Good morning Papa. Whenever Papa makes a decree concerning miracle money, I always key into it. On the 1st December 2023, I sowed a seed in one of the Omega Fire Ministries branch. On the 2rd December 2023, I woke up to see a credit alert five times bigger than what I sowed. I called people I know that have my account number to ask if they sent money to my account; I was surprise none of them sent money to my account. Thank you Jesus, my time has come! Mgbeje Stephen from Ogoja Cross River State

5. Good morning Papa. I sent a prayer request to this platform concerning my sister that was to write her IELT exam. To the glory of God, the result was a success. Secondly, I was using my baking mixer when it stopped working. I anointed it with the anointing oil Papa blessed; after an hour I turned on the baking mixer, it started working. Thank you Jesus, my time has come. Mrs. Blessing from Benin

6. Good morning Papa. My brother is in grade level 12 in his office and to be appointed the head of his department, his boss opposed his being the head of the department. Some of his documents were stolen from his file; the management had already concluded that the position is to be given to someone on level 8. I decided a prayer request. The case was revisited and my brother was appointed the head of department. Thank you Jesus, our time has come! David from Asaba

7. Good morning Papa. I am thanking God for breaking me and my career free from eight years of stagnation and limitation. I was doing a job below my qualification despite being a Master Degree Holder I was receiving stipends for eight years. But since I started following WWN, it has increased my prayer fire and love for God. Anytime Papa is declaring “receive your appointment letter” I always shouted “amen”. To the glory of God, I had received my appointment letter for a Lecturing job I never applied for with a double promotion. Secondly, in one of the morning prayers Papa prayed that our money is restored that we should receive miracle alert. I shouted “amen”. Surprisingly, I got a bank alert of over N70,000 from an unknown source. No name, nobody has called to say he sent money to me. Thank you Jesus, my time has come!

8. My name is Special Moriba from Sierra Leone. 2 years ago when I connect to wonders without number Morning Prayer Papa gave a prophecy that “there is a lady they stole her car that she should not worry; she will see her car in the next 10 hours. According to Papa’s word, I found my car. Secondly, I have this freezer that got spoilt; I decided to anoint it with the oil Papa blessed. To the glory of God, one hour later I checked the freezer it was working fine. Thank you Jesus, my time has come!

9. Good morning Papa. My name is Jennifer Osodionahon from Benin. My microwave stopped working for months. I then applied the oil Papa blessed on it; to my greatest surprise it started working immediately. Thank you Jesus, my time has come!

10. Good morning Papa. When papa is praying for miracle alert I always connect to it. On the 2rd December 2023, my wife received miracle money of 25,000 naira. We couldn't trace who sent the money because there was no name attached. Thank you Jesus, our time has come! Michael David from Bonny Island

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