In a period marked by dynamism from August to December, Hon Minister Dr. Betta Edu exhibited exemplary leadership, steering Nigeria's initiatives to address humanitarian crises and alleviate poverty. Here's a comprehensive overview of her impactful endeavors:

1. πŸ“Œ UNICEF Commitment: Dr. Betta Edu successfully secured a substantial commitment of 270M USD from UNICEF, fortifying Nigeria's capacity to integrate humanitarian response and emergencies, aligning with the overarching goal of eradicating poverty.

2. πŸ“Œ Global Collaborations: The Minister actively cultivated support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, placing emphasis on collaboration to comprehensively address humanitarian crises and expedite poverty alleviation, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

3. πŸ“Œ Military Assistance: HM, Dr. Betta Edu proactively sought military assistance to prevent humanitarian crises, displaying a commitment to expanding the social register to cover vulnerable groups such as families, widows, and impoverished ex-military personnel.

4. πŸ“Œ Relief Distribution: The Minister triggered jubilation by personally overseeing the distribution of relief items to rescued families, including the Chibok girls, at the Bulumkutu Rehabilitation Camp, showcasing a hands-on approach to addressing immediate needs.

Flags off Distribution of Relief non-food Materials To Over 900 Households In Shwari IDP camps In Maiduguri 

- Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation,Dr Betta Edu has laid the foundation stone for the construction of  40  units of modern toilets for Alheri Leprosy Colony in Yangoji Kwali Area Council, of the federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

5. πŸ“Œ Collaboration with Interior Ministry: Advocating for collaboration with the Ministry of Interior, Dr. Edu focused on internal security, human trafficking, and migration, demonstrating a holistic approach to tackling the root causes of humanitarian crises and poverty.

6. πŸ“Œ Renewed Hope Transit Schools: Collaborating with the Federal Government, state entities, and UNICEF, the Minister played a pivotal role in establishing transit schools for 11,000 out-of-school displaced children in Niger State. The initiative included not only education but also palliatives and skill training.

7. πŸ“Œ Global Engagements at UNGA 78: HM, Dr. Betta Edu actively engaged with the World Economic Forum, UNFPA, and participated in events during the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) 78, amplifying Nigeria's commitment to global agendas, sustainable development, and refugee employment.

8. πŸ“Œ NSIP Restructuring: Announcing a comprehensive restructuring of the National Safety Net Program (NSIP), Dr. Edu emphasized transparency and accountability. The renewed programs are set to be effective, inspired by private sector practices, and flexible with a team-oriented mentality.

Names of the programmes:

- Renewed Hope GEEP Programme, 

- Renewed Hope Job Creation Scheme(NPower), 

- Renewed Hope for At Risk Children,

-  Renewed Hope Shelter Programme for Refuges, Poor and IDPs, 

-  Renewed Hope Community and Social Development, 

-  National Cash Transfer Office and Renewed Hope Grant for Vulnerable Groups.

8. πŸ“Œ International Support: The Minister successfully secured promises of support from the UK government, Canadian government, and other global partners, fortifying Nigeria's efforts in humanitarian response and poverty alleviation on the international stage.

9. πŸ“Œ National Social Register Verification:  Dr. Betta Edu flagged off the verification of the National Social Register in Lagos, ensuring accuracy through collaboration with states, Local Government Areas (LGAs), and community leaders for robust data integrity.

10. πŸ“Œ Flood Relief Efforts: Personally visiting flood-affected communities in Lagos and Ogun, the Minister provided immediate humanitarian response, relief packages, and outlined comprehensive plans for sustainable solutions to mitigate the impact of flooding.

-Inhabitants of Oko Agbon and other riverine communities in Lagos state were in a jubilant mood at the weekend as no fewer than 1,500 of them benefitted from the free medical outreach and distribution of food items by the Minister 

-The medical outreach was part of the minister's itinerary during her visit to the riverine area of the state to flag off the verification of the Expanded National Social Register. 

- Aside from medical outreach, some of the relief items distributed to residents of the communities include hundreds of bags of Rice and vegetable oil among other food items.

12. πŸ“Œ Empowerment Programs: The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Betta Edu, has outlined some of the specifics that will be done to remove 50 million people from poverty in Nigeria, as directed by President Bola Tinubu within the next 42 months while the push to lift 133m multidimensionally poor Nigerias out of poverty by 2030 will bee on course.

-That the ongoing payment of N25,000 to poor households in Nigeria via the conditional cash transfer programme for the next three months, amounting to N75,000, was part of it.

-Approves 10% of all humanitarian and social safety interventions for persons living with Disabilities Across Nigeria- Edu

 - Distributes POS With N100,000 Start Up Capital, award Tertiary Education Scholarships of 130,000 each, train on business start-ups, register business names at CAC, and provide Loans up to 1 billion Naira, from BOI

13. πŸ“Œ “MARKET MONI” Targets to pull 1.5 Million Market Women out of Poverty by supporting their small businesses

- The GEEP would unlock unprecedented economic gains for market women. 

We are taking one major market in each of the 109 senatorial districts in the country. 

N50,000 without interest or collateral. 

14. πŸ“Œ International Recognition: Dr. Edu secured commitments from the European Union (EU), Netherlands, and other nations to support Nigeria in job creation, addressing poverty, and mitigating irregular migration.

-COP28: Islamic Development Bank to assist Nigeria improve humanitarian intervention & reduce poverty index; to scale up social Protection. 

Dr Betta Edu meets President of Islamic Development Bank Al-Jasser; Says Its Time For  Action on Climate Change Induced Humanitarian Crises

-FG Secures Partnership With UAE Red Crescent On Humanitarian Response and Setting of Humanitarian Regional Hubs in Nigeria!

15. πŸ“Œ Humanitarian and Poverty Alleviation Trust Fund: Successfully advocating for and gaining approval for the establishment of the Humanitarian and Poverty Alleviation Trust Fund, Dr. Edu garnered support from the government, donors, the private sector, and philanthropic individuals for a flexible financing mechanism.

-To Raise $5 billion annually for Nigeria's Humanitarian and Poverty Alleviation Trust Fund. 

16. πŸ“Œ Renewed Hope Grants: Witnessing the launch of Renewed Hope Grants by President Tinubu, Dr. Betta Edu played a pivotal role in targeting poor and vulnerable persons across Nigeria. The initiative provides a one-off cash grant, amounting to N20,000, aimed at kickstarting livelihood improvement.

17. πŸ“ŒIDPWD: Humanitarian Affairs Minister Calls for Establishment, Domestication & Implementation of States Disability Commission, Laws Across Nigeria 

-She also called for significant improvement on the budget for the Commission for Disabled Persons in Nigeria, saying under the Renewed Hope Agenda,  there is no segregation.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has already directed that 10% of all the intervention programmes of the Ministry be given to the PWDs, pointing out that the president runs an inclusive administration.

-Humanitarian Ministry Sets Up Task Force, Commences Enforcement In 16 January 2024

Dr. Betta Edu mentioned the Federal Government has threatened to shut down all public and private buildings in Nigeria that violate the accessibility law on the movement of persons with disabilities, which will be effective from January next year.

18. πŸ“ŒFG completes a sample of one & two bedroom houses. To Build 1Million Shelters For very poor, IDPs & refugees Across Nigeria As Humanitarian Minister Inspect houses.

-Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Dr. Betta Edu, announces a milestone in providing 1 million shelters for the very poor, IDPs, and refugees across Nigeria, aligning with President Tinubu's Renewed Hope Agenda. Witnessed the completion of prototype houses, built in Idu village communities with integrated solar energy.

19. πŸ“Œ Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation,  Dr.  Betta Edu, has reiterated President Bola Ahmed Tinubu's determination to accord dignity to senior citizens by giving them a new lease of life inline with the Renewed Hope Mandate.

20. πŸ“ŒGlobally Refugees Forum: UN, Federal Govt Commit To Finding Tangible Solutions To Irregular Migration, World  Refugees Situation as Humanitarian Minister Presents Nigeria's Position Paper At Geneva

-Dr Betta Edu on international migrants day at Geneva proud of our nation's commitment to compassion and solidarity. Currently providing refuge to 100,000 refugees and supporting over 8.5 million IDPs. Our Federal Government pledges to integrate them into development plans, enhance protection, and contribute to regional efforts for lasting solutions.

21. πŸ“ŒTurkish Govt Partners Humanitarian Ministry On Social Protection, Diaster Responses.


Set To Sign Agreement On Donor Development Cooperation for Poverty Eradication With Nigeria to set up an office in Abuja.

Pst Bishop Hon Sen Chief Bill Francis Bill Spokesperson to Cheif Sen Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Senior Chief Advocate to Hon Dr minister Betta for better Nigeria.

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