Calabar Municipality; the evil that men do...true version

Calabar Municipality, the seat of Government and Capital of Cross River State has become a beehive for thuggery, Cultism, wickedness, evil, self centeredness, disrespect to constitutional authority, desecrating the land and many others. 

How did we get here, please read to the end...

In 2022 when Gov Ben Ayade led few PDP members into APC, the New APC had to dissolve into the authority of its Leadership.

But the tussle for leadership took a different dimension, with power drunkenness between Edim Inok, Efeffiong Nta Eke not forgetting Emmanuel Mbora who do not have any linage in Calabar Municipality, nor Cross River State as a whole.

Then Hon Efeffiong Nta Eke was the highest political office holder as the Mayor of Calabar, while Ntufam Omin Iso was the Natural Leader. 

When Ntufam Omin left the APC, the system had no leadership, Ntufam  Edim Inok, decided with few persons and portrayed himself as a leader, as a former party chairman.

 Edim Inok reign became tyrannical and  Nta who wasn't comfortable with Edim's leadership highjacked the party with few others and brought in Ntufam Hilliard Eta to be the leader of the local government, Hilliard realised that he was used as a figure head,  quietly left when the obviation was still high.

Edim Inok became a candidate of the party to contest for House of Representatives, but still cling to his Ika Ika Oqua market. 

Edim Inok held unto the market and Emman Mbora became the lead thug. They battered the traders, flogged them with horse tail, extorted money from them without pity. 

It will surprise you to note that  Emman Mbora would hire boys from different areas , drive them to the market and brutalized both men and women alike.  Edim Inok, boss man to Nta and Emmanuel would keep mute to their actions.

Which leader or so call leader will keep silent while his people are in pains? 

Edim Inok failed the Elections with the help of his two boys, Emman Mbora who used POS to collect money from polling units coordinators meant for canvassing etc, then faked police arrest, that's the money he is now using to bribe his way at all offices, pay juju priest and hire more cult boys to shed blood to increase his blood bank at the occult the trio belong to. 

Hon Stanley Nsemo became the highest political office holder, he became the rallying point for everyone. 

Stanley moved immediately and presented the plea of the people to the House of Assembly, Edim Inok and Emman Mbora where invited, they were asked to desist from their primitive way of leadership, this fell on deaf ears. The duo kept enjoying from their evil plots, until God caused Senator Prince Bassey Edet Otu to appoint Commissioners. 

Stanley Nsemo as the highest political office holder quickly lead all stake holders to file behind Chief Victor Felix Idem.

This became very important as Edim Inok had began to exhibit worst level of leadership, he in one of the stakeholders meeting advised that "no body would enter Ika Ika Oqua Market, in fact everyone should as a matter of fact go and enjoy revenue in his or her own ward". 

This his words showed the highest level of greed, self centeredness, wickedness, disrespect to constitutional authority and disrespect to all stakeholders. No wonder Nta and Emmanuel Mbora ran off to the court to obtain a court order restraining the Local Government Authority from drawing revenues. 

Stakeholders, rejoiced, celebrated and thank God for Chief Victor Felix Idem who did not just work so hard to bring back sanity but also reunited the Local Government in peace. 

We now wonder why Edim Inok can not call his blood thirsty dogs into the cage but allow them inflict pains and agony in the heart of men.

The insult on Chief Idem, is so uncalled for, they are just looking for ways to be invited to a round table negotiations. We won't seat with terrorist nor cultist nor hoodlums.  Cross River State House of Assembly had passed a bill on kidnapping, cult activities and gangsterism. So security agents should treat them as thus.

We  call on all well meaning stakeholders of Calabar Municipality to support, embrace, stand firm and  be resolute, as we support Chief Victor Felix Idem, who will always be our voice and our shoulder, with his open door policies. He is the Natural Leader of Calabar Municipality and that is it. Power is transient and we appreciate the party in the hands of Chief Idem. 

Enough is enough

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