Marywhite Until they are all transformed and are living the actual life, we won’t stopped!

 Until they are all transformed and are living the actual life, we won’t stopped!

We are gradually getting there through God and we are so sure of the journey and path.

With a deep sense of understanding, I am completely grateful to God for the success of this event; ARISE AND THRIVE, 2024, which happened to be our first girl child advocacy event this year, 2024. 

This is one of the most impactful events we have had, since the discovery of purpose in 2017. And to think that it happened in two Local Government Areas(Ikom and Obubra), with mind-blowing testimonies, is a lot to be grateful for.

The experiences with the young girls of Ikom and Obubra, are a lot to talk about. I will not gatekeep anything.

However, y’all know that preparing for events of this magnitude, is never an easy task. You get to come cross a lot of hurdles that indirectly and directly whispers negativity into you, and, this event wasn’t an exception. 

The exhaustion that came with following up with sponsors, sleeping late and waking up early, sending mails to the companies that promised stretching a hand of support, etc., plus the negative advices I got from some political leaders who do not see any need for us to carry out advocacy events of this magnitude, that’s aimed at transforming, healing, equipping and inspiring young girls to brace up and become more valuable, are part of the reasons I emphasize on the need to find purpose because, if not for the fact that I am clear and sure of the path I’m treading, I would give up on this project.

Did I mention we reached out to more than 2,000 girls in Obubra and Ikom Local Government Areas? Oh, yes!!!  And this was made possible because of phenomenal personalities like Queen Idira Okey, Miss Nigeria International Charismatic, who was a special guest and partner at/of the event. Her presence was everything we envisioned. Thank you, Queen. I think you’ll make an amazing public speaker 😁

And to the man who is inarguably the best team player I have encountered all through my years of advocating for the girl child, Hon. Ndoma Akunobor, thank you, sir. You are incredible and we appreciate your selflessness.

To Godsfavour Ewona, girl, you deserve an award. Thank you for the many sacrifices. We wouldn’t have gotten pictorial evidences of the event, without you. Thank you for you.

To the Hon. Member Representing Ikom1 state Constituency, Hon. Neji Abang, the Commissioner for Agriculture and Irrigation Department, CRS, Hon. Johnson Ebokpo, MD of Dalfaro production, Mr. Harmony Odwong, Amb. Odong Prince Thompson, Miss Jubilant Agbor, Zena Pad and every other person/company who contributed to the success of this event via different mediums, you are greatly appreciated. I am bold to talk about the success of this event, because of you. Thank you so much.

Now to Mr. Caesar Abam; the man who connected us to more sponsors and made provision for more than 5,000 sachets of Fanmilk ice cream, which contributed greatly to the items we had for the girls, we are grateful, sir. We cannot exhaust our gratitude. We are grateful to God for the gift of you, sir.

After the events, we had more ice cream to share and we decided to take them to the market, for our supper mummies who were trying to make ends meet under the sun. In the end, we were glad we did. 

In a nutshell, Arise and Thrive, 2024, was a success because of the aforementioned names. 

I am so grateful to God for His grace and favor. 

What more can I ask for?

Let’s do more in the coming days, team✊💡🔥🤍





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