MINISTER BETTA EDU: When will the media trial stop? over $1.5m USD spent in futility.


Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation Betta Edu.

The bad attempt at fanning the flickering embers of media warfare against Betta Edu, by some disgruntled individuals who now know she committed no crime, and is being cleared, but still feel that they have an axe to grind, is really disturbing, maliciously and inexplicably puerile. Since the reported sleaze within the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation that led to the unfortunate suspension of the Honourable Minister, the media like a gluttonous baby, has fed fat on lies hurriedly concocted by mischievous elements within and outside the corridors of Power. So far, it is said on good account that a whopping sum of money has been stupendously spent on the media by those struggling to sell a negative narrative against Betta Edu. Infact, it is been alleged in some quarters that some media houses, Presenters had their palms heavily greased to have them carry negative headlines against Betta Edu.

While the media will remain an integral and invaluable tool in the hands of professionals, I am worried that quackery and yellow-journalism, especially from netizens is gradually eroding and bastardizing the true essence of the Media. Unfortunately, unfettered access to the media is absolutely becoming a bane and a clog on the wheel of progress.

Following the suspension of Betta Edu and the investigation by the EFCC, one would have thought that the media trial was over, at least to give room for the EFCC to dutifully investigate the matter and present their findings. But, it does appear that they are still individuals who have sworn to always place the cart before the horse, and stop at nothing in their obnoxious quest to destroy and suffocate Betta Edu. To this individuals, the best way to manipulate President Bola Tinubu to Sack the Minister or permanently nail the coffin is to indiscriminately plant malicious publications against her with the intention of swaying the opinion of the public since there’s a strong belief that the present administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu can be controlled easily and manipulated at will by media onslaught. At least, the unceremonious suspension of Betta Edu by the President following an outcry by a section of heavily paid media, lend credence to the fact that these individuals believe that by spending more money on media trial, they can get the President to do their bidding. As a way of furthering their enterprise, they have found ways of publishing lies claiming to get information from sources within the EFCC as though the EFCC does not have an official media desk to speak for itself or a website to address issues. Notwithstanding that available report shows clearly that the EFCC has cleared Betta Edu of any malfeasance, they are people who are still paying heavily to secure front pages of newspapers to continue their barren media trial.

Clearly, the final decision of the President on Betta Edu will show if this Government can be swayed easily by media manipulation or if the president can stand up for his foot soliders who are presently demoralized and badly battered by negative media reportage– especially the social media. There’s hardly any active official in this current administration, even the Service Chiefs who have not been exposed to malicious media trial or had their balls kicked by the media in one form or the other. The President must see beyond this smokescreen, rise to the occasion and protect his lieutenants against the demonic fangs of those hell-bent on sabotaging the effort of this administration by the deployment of media trial.

Unfortunately, no one is willing to speak up in defense of this administration anymore for fear of being maligned and verbally torched by the media. Most public officers now shy away from the media while the attacks are falling directly on the President, since January when the flange of this administration was opened to heavily paid media trials. Should the President continue to indulge this illogical nattering from rabble-rousers, i am afraid that the gathering conflagration may consume even himself, especially with the horse-trading already going on ahead of 2027. Therefore, it is my earnest desire and appeal that the President end this media trial against Betta Edu, by making public the EFCC report, recalling and reinstating her forthwith.

Umezulike Desmond-cruz, A Public Affair Analyst Writes From Abuja 

Published by Distinguished Sen Pst Chief Bill Francis Bill South South Spokesman to His Excellency, Distinguished Sen Chief Bola Ahmed tinubu and Senior Chief Advocate to Dr Betta for Better Nigeria.

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