On the 15th day of March, 2024, the Forum of APC State Chairmen were at the Presidential Villa Abuja to meet with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR. Although it was reported to be the first meeting of the No. 1 citizen with State chairmen but the meeting was well attended by the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, H.E. Sen Kashim Shetima GCON, The National chairman and National Secretary of APC, the Chief of staff to the President, Minister of Information and other senior government officials and distinguished appointees of Government. 

The mood of the day before villa watchers was one of anxiety because it was believed that the party leaders may have come to off load their anger and frustration over the 10 months neglect by the Asiwaju led Government and the worsening internal wranglings being experienced in most states by states chairmen and Governors they helped to bring to power on one hand and states chairmen against the Appointees of Government at the Federal and state level who are now the new sheriff's wielding  influence, power, authority and command with impunity but this was not so, their mission was altruistic. The states chairmen arrived the Presidential villa at about 11 30am with beaming smiles, looking well fed and well kept. 

Government officials who were at the villa in the almost two hours meeting expressed deep satisfaction with organized and united way the chairmen coordinated themselves under the leadership of their Acting Chairman / APC chairman Lagos State Hon. Cornelius Ojelabi. Some Villa observers  described as matured and statesmanly, the manner of presentation of National issues and speaking truth to power on the issues of insecurity, economy and strategies to strengthen the APC as a ruling party in Government. 

The convivial atmosphere at the meeting flowing from the suggestions made by the States Chairmen and the response from the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, H.E. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR was one of a reunion between a father and his children whom he has not seen since after the political war. The happiness of Mr President with his Captains (States Chairmen) was evidently lavish. The  hot weather of the day did not discomfort baba Tinubu and his Vice even in their babariga and the grimming smiles on their faces and that of his appointees after the meeting and even the enthusiasm of the press men in the villa in the ensuing press conference granted after the meeting by the Chairmen Forum through the Secretary of the Forum / Chairman of APC Cross River State chapter, the self acclaimed Political Evangelist, Mr Alphonsus Ogar Eba esq, JP was on one of applaud for  his comportment and articulate remarks on behalf of his colleagues at the Presidential chambers. Barr. Eba's eloquence, intelligent marshalling of points extemporaneously including the sound presentation and coherent response to the press revealed not only a picture of an articulate public speaker with full grasp of issues but it was an opportunity to discover the newest political firebrand with rich command of grammar with the right mien and ability to deliver it with sweet flavor of elocution. As an indigene of Akwa Ibom state and State chairman of the party, my day was made to see my fellow brother display such intellectual dexterity. Truly, truly, truly, my colleague and worthy brother made my day and that of all our colleagues as we had no regret when we all took the decision to make him the Chief Scribe of our Forum. 

That was the day our elated President described and unveiled the Cross River State APC chairman, Alphonsus Ogar Eba esq, JP as a CHARTERED ORATOR.

 The 15th day March became a day for Barr. Alphonsus Ogar Eba as the  deluge of encomiums that was poured on him by both the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Vice President, The National chairman of APC, the National Secretary of APC, the Chief of staff to the President, all our colleagues chairmen including  the Press men and women at the Presidential villa because of his eloquence, mellifluous voice, intelligent and bold presentation extempore, transmogrified  the world's first political evangelist into a collosus of sort as the elated President of the Federal Republic captured and nicknamed him a Chartered Orator.

For the ebulluent APC Chairman who in the last few months was a subject of ridicule, mockery and was sufficiently bathed with muds, brimstones and acidic venom's by some interest groups in Cross River state APC who even demanded his resignation and were bent on using every illegal means to achieve their nefarious objectives, this visit and the outstanding performance of Barr. EBA which the President has handsomely applauded may have catapulted him to another level of recognition in National politics. If President Bola Tinubu that is known for harvesting sound minds reflects again or is reminded about the person of Barr. Eba , then I can foresee and comfortably say that Cross River State APC chairman will soon be on his way to Abuja because like a big and golden fish, he cannot be hidden inside a small pond in calabar, by last week 's visit to Mr President and through his superlative delivery, he has been discovered and unveiled at the highest level of National politics in the Presidential Villa Abuja where he will most likely spread his dorsal fins to swim in the sea of Presidential power.

Obong Stephen Leo Ntukekpo

APC chairman Akwa Ibom state 

Publish By Pst Chief Bill Francis Bill CEO Billionaire Bill Media team and blog and South Spokesman to His Excellency, Distinguished Sen Bola Ahmed tinubu.

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