C'River Assembly Calls for Colour Coding and Registration of Commerc

The Cross River State House of Assembly, in an attempt to address the growing concerns of kidnapping and smuggling within the Calabar Metropolis, has moved a motion calling on the State Government to enforce colour coding, numbering, and registration for all commercial vehicles operating within the Calabar metropolis.

Hon. Egbe Abeng, the member representing Obubra 2 State Constituency, moved the motion which received widespread support from his fellow legislators, calling for enhanced security measures to address the spate of criminal activities in the state.

Hon. Abeng pointed out that unidentified commercial vehicles have contributed significantly to the rise in criminal activities in the state. He stressed that implementing colour coding and registration would serve as a deterrent to criminals and aid law enforcement efforts. These measures would also make it easier to identify and track down perpetrators of crime.

Furthermore, Hon. Stanley Nsemo, representing Calabar Municipal, emphasized the potential of these measures to drastically reduce incessant kidnappings and restore peace to the State. He noted that effective vehicle identification would make it harder for criminals to move around undetected and carry out their nefarious activities.

Hon. Eyo Bassey, representing the Bakassi people, highlighted the importance of uniformity and orderliness in enhancing security and overall governance within the state. He pointed out that proper vehicle identification would promote uniformity, which would contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the state.

Hon. Ovat Agbor of Obubra 1 State Constituency also spoke about the gravity of the situation. He lamented the shift from Cross River State's once peaceful reputation to its current state, marred by criminal activities. He implored the state government to prioritize the enforcement of colour coding, numbering, and registration as a crucial step toward restoring peace and security.

In a remark, the Speaker of the Cross River State House of Assembly emphasized the paramount importance of safety for all residents and visitors alike. He insisted on the role of proper vehicle identification in promoting uniformity and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the state.

Matthew Okache

Chief Press Secretary to the Speaker


Published by Governor Prince Otu Spokesman Pst Chief Bill Francis Bill

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