~Ukato Thomas. 

The Edo landscape is in the doldrums. Downcast, sadness hangs on the faces of Edolites like a badly applied maquillage.

The mood is pensive, languished with broken dreams and dashed hopes having chanted the now inane "Torgba" slogan with high hopes. The reality is that governance malfeasance has smashed such hopes leaving a lot to be desired.

"Power is fleeting". Another opportunity for the good people of Edo State to choose who leads them is fast approaching. The cumulative era of this present governmental "coma" is about to reach its terminus.

The people are weary and suspicious. Who would blame them? They are critical and asking salient questions. They want a process that will allow them to choose who leads them and not an imposition of a godson with a laundered image by a delusional godfather oblivious to the reality he birthed. The average Edolite yearns for the peace that comes after a storm, a true breath of fresh air, and a down-to-earth leader who wouldn't be disconnected from reality.

Sen. Monday Okpebholo, a dashing young man with an impressive personality represents the promising and enchanting rays of a new Edo with the potential of rising. Fresh and unblemished, he comes with decades of creative, administrative, and managerial ingenuity and experience. 

In the entrepreneurship and investment sector, Sen. Monday Okpebholo has made his mark. Politically, he has revolutionized politics to the point that the people will actually lead through him. He is an all-time and all-season humanitarian and philanthropist who is unassuming, even in doing good. 

Inwardly beautiful and caring, his amicable and admirable personality has endeared him to many. He is a homeboy who is deeply compassionate and passionately connected to the people. With a reputation that is without baggage, He is indeed an ideal Governor who will lead with a human face. 

With Okpebholo, a new Edo will rise!

Published by Chief Bola Ahmed south South  Spokesman Hon Pst Chief Bill Francis Bill

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