Hon. Orok Duke-"-Governor (Senator)Bassey Edet Otu: “We don’t need another hero”

“We don’t need another hero”, Is the title of an  iconic song written in 1976 by the late singer, Tina Turner(1939-2023). A part of the lyrics of the song goes thus:

Out of the ruins,

Out of the wreckage,

Can’t make the same mistake this time;

We are the children,

The last generation, 

We are the ones they left behind.

And I wonder when we are ever gonna change,

Living under the fear, ‘till nothing else remains. 

We don’t need another hero,

we don’t need to know the way home,

All we want is life beyond Thunderdome.”

This particular song talks about love and compassion and further espouses the need for fighting for one’s right and beliefs. Tina Turner tells us a story about the yearning for freedom by a people, far and away from a present dystopia and how a chosen hero comes along and leads his people to victory - in ‘Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.’

From my perch,I can easily discern the comportment,determination and compassion of Senator(Prince)Bassey Edet Otu, the Governor that we voluntarily and unanimously chose to lead us out of the present darkness in Cross River State. Nothing happens without a reason.

I wish to hazard an informed guess in a bid to decipher,unravel and simplify our expectations and understanding of Our Governor, from the ongoings(so far) within the past one year. Let me reveal the methodology so far employed, by giving an insight in the Holy Book. It is all about the power of silence. Especially,when sharing every bit of our lives on social media is the norm. That is His Excellency’s secret formula.

Proverbs 13:3, says; ‘he who guards his lips, guards his life, but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin.’  It’s a strategic guide for life. It is a truism that power and purpose don’t need immediate recognition from the crowds, they flourish in the quiet, in the unseen moments where your faith, determination and actions align towards your God-given purpose. Matthew 6:1 admonishes us to always guard our plans and protect them from evil eyes and naysayers. A focused leader would strive in an atmosphere where his plans can grow,like when Noah built his Ark in silence. His visible and discernible actions are already speaking louder than his words. The masterpiece will manifest - the signs abound.

Everyone who embarked on this journey with, ‘Sweet Prince’, in our quest for equity,fairness and justice, in the socio-political firmament of Cross River State; who is a patriot and not a tainted ethnocentric bigot and who has gleaned through the ‘delicious and sumptuous’ economic packages that await us all, would gladly keep the faith. We should remember how,in unison, we girded our loins,took the leap of faith,paid the price and snatched the victory.

We are now witnesses to a new dawn;a consequential dismantling and demolition of old and worn out prejudices and an extension of our frontiers, with all of us singing, ‘Anchors Aweigh’. As the tide from the new spring continues to help us to heal and consolidate, I would urge us to remember that sweet melody, from our departed heroine, that reminds us that in such a season of sweetness (Res ipsa loquitur) - We don’t need another Hero.

Rt. Hon.(Otuekong) Orok Otu Duke

Commissioner/CRS Representative,


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