Cross River State House of Assembly Commences 5-Week Recess

Cross River State House of Assembly Commences 5-Week Recess

In a recent announcement, the Cross River State House of Assembly has officially commenced a 5-week recess period, extending from September 13 to October 20, 2023. This important legislative break allows elected representatives to rejuvenate and prepare for the upcoming session.

During this recess, members of the assembly will take the opportunity to reflect on their accomplishments and recharge their energy. Despite the temporary pause in legislative duties, the commitment to serving constituents remains unwavering.

Elected officials encourage constituents to continue sharing their concerns and ideas during this period. Feedback from the community is essential in making informed decisions on their behalf. Communication channels, including phone lines, email, and social media platforms, will remain open to ensure timely responses to inquiries and issues.

While on recess, legislators will stay informed about local events and issues within their constituency. They will collaborate with fellow members and maintain connections with local stakeholders to remain well-prepared for the resumption of the legislative session next month.

Upon reconvening, the assembly members will resume their efforts to address community challenges, propose legislation, and advocate for constituents' priorities. The commitment to championing the causes entrusted to them remains steadfast.

In conclusion, elected representatives express deep gratitude for the continued trust and support of the vibrant and engaged constituency they serve. They look forward to a productive month ahead as they prepare to resume their legislative duties.

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