Today, The Honorable commissioner for Power and Renewable Energy, Prince Eka Williams, was officially inducted into the Elite Corp and decorated as a Special Marshal for the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in Cross River State, Nigeria. The ceremony took place in Ikom Local Government and was presided over by the FRSC 6.2 coordinator, Elder Akunjor Sunday Akunjor.

The induction and decoration of Prince Eka Williams as a Special Marshal highlights his dedication and commitment to promoting road safety and ensuring the well-being of road users in Cross River State. This prestigious recognition by the FRSC is a testament to his exemplary service and leadership in the field of power and renewable energy, with a track record of delivering in fields of leaderships.

As a Special Marshal, Prince Eka Williams will join the ranks of esteemed individuals who volunteer their time and expertise to assist the FRSC in promoting safe driving habits, conducting road safety campaigns, and providing support during emergencies. His appointment is a significant honor and reflects his deep-rooted passion for ensuring the safety and security of the people of Cross River State.

The event in Ikom Local Government was attended by prominent individuals, government officials, and members of the community who came together to celebrate and acknowledge Prince Eka Williams’ outstanding contributions to the field of power and renewable energy. The ceremony was marked by speeches commending his achievements and dedication to public service.

Prince Eka Williams expressed his gratitude for the recognition and pledged to continue working tirelessly towards enhancing road safety and promoting safety and better road operating solutions in Cross River State. He emphasized the importance of collaboration between government agencies, private organizations, and individuals in achieving sustainable development goals.

The induction of Prince Eka Williams into the Elite Corp and his decoration as a Special Marshal for the FRSC serve as a reminder of the crucial role that individuals can play in creating a safer and more sustainable society. His appointment sets an example for others to follow and encourages active participation in initiatives aimed at improving road safety and advancing renewable energy practices in Nigeria.

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