*Happy Birthday Step Aside Director Of Information National Association Of Cross River States Students Worldwide* *(NACRISS-WW)*

I joined the host of angels to celebrate you my brother and friend, you have always been that wonderful friend, your contribution in sincerity, to the growth of Unionism is immeasurable, life indeed has been favourable to you, it's a great privilege to have known you.

Your leadership prowess is exceptional, you are always dedicated to what you do, by ensuring dissemination of information with bias or favour, you always give it the way it is, know that there is reward for hard work one day your reward shall surface.

Life is worth living when people with sincere heart like you come to the picture, you shall go beyond student leadership, God shall announce you in due time and season.

as an Evangelist i bless you with heavenly blessings Amen, happy birthday once more God bless you

Pst Bill Francis Bill Ceo Billionaire Bill media Team and Blog.

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