In a momentous event at the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) Cross River State chapter's Thanksgiving award and dinner night, held on the 18th of December. Excellency Rt Hon Peter Odey was named the Live Patron, cementing his commitment to the youth. As the Deputy Governor of Cross River State, he addressed the assembly with a resolute promise that the government would stand by the youth, emphasizing their unwavering dedication to fulfilling their obligations.

During his remarks, His Excellency reassured the youth of Cross River State that the government, under the leadership of Sen Prince Bassey Edet Otu, would not falter. He highlighted his consistent adherence to the pledge of standing by the youth whenever called upon, emphasizing the significance of active involvement with the younger generation. Additionally, he announced an imminent appointment of more youths into key roles within the Cross River State government.

Expressing gratitude, Deputy Governor Odey commended the relentless efforts of Mr. Dan Obo, the NYCN Chairman, for his work ethic and commitment.

Furthermore, His Excellency urged the youth to voice their concerns to the government, emphasizing an open-door policy. He assured that issues not immediately addressed would find a platform for resolution in the future. The Deputy Governor's commitment to not letting down the youth echoed through his words as he vowed to continue serving the people of Cross River State diligently.

As Cross River State looks ahead to a future characterized by increased youth inclusion, Deputy Governor Rt Hon Peter Odey's words resonate as a promise of positive change. The Live Patron designation serves as a testament to his active role in championing the cause of the youth, assuring them that the government stands firmly behind them.

Charity Ohotu  

S.A Media, Deputy Governor’s Office.

Published by Governor Prince Otu spokesperson Pst Bill Francis Bill and Senior Chief Advocate to Rt Hon Peter Odey LEKWEL E'MBE 1 OF C'RIVER NORTH.

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