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On December 12th, 2023, a gathering convened at the school's Senate Council, hosting notable attendees including the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Florence Banku Obi, DVC Academics Prof. Angela Eyo Ita, DVC Admin Professor Eno Grace Nta, Registrar Prof. Gabriel Egbe, University Librarian Prof. (Mrs) Aniebiet Inyang Ntui, Dean of Student Affairs Prof. Enyang Anthony, Dean of Postgraduate School Prof. Eyong Ubana, Deputy Director of GSS Barr. Maxwell Ebba, Public Relations Officer Mr. Effiong Eyo Bassey, and 34 student leaders negotiate and dialogue on school fee increase. 

The session commenced with the Vice Chancellor stressing the importance of constructive leadership. She emphasized, "A good leader consults, negotiates, and dialogues before taking action. Unionism serves as a training ground, preparing individuals not just for certificates, but holistically."

Regarding the increased school fees, Prof. Obi clarified, "We aggregated separate charges students previously paid into the school fees. For instance, the cost of the matriculation gown was merged into the school fees to eliminate individual payments. The University faced substantial expenses for accreditation, equipment, and soaring electricity bills which compelled us to adjust fees."

Addressing the issue regarding TETFUND projects, she emphasized, "Although TETFUND has existed in UNICAL previously, the visibility of completed TETFUND projects remains limited. We are actively engaged in ongoing efforts and require additional funds to propel further development."

The SUG president, Kichi Ikwo, introduced a suggested fee structure, outlining 81,500 Naira for Freshers, 62,000 Naira for returning students, and 67,000 Naira for final-year students, specifically for non-science disciplines, with minor variations for science and professional courses.

Comr. Ushie Emmanuel, the president of, the forum of faculty presidents, raised concerns regarding duplicated fees, stating, "There's repetition in charges for games, security, and library. Within our faculty, we bear the cost of games, even at Abraham Ordia Stadium, where additional fees are required. Moreover, during clearance, we pay for the same items mentioned. Why are these charges still part of the school fees?"

He also questioned the purpose of student welfare insurance and the student development levy. Additionally, he queried why medical students pay separately for professional exams when the examination charges are already included in the overall school fee.

NANS Chairman, Emmanuel Micheal, questioned the school's previous debt, stating, "We were informed that the previous administration left a debt of approximately 5 billion Naira. We must understand whether this debt has grown or reduced. We don't desire another situation where a new Vice Chancellor reports increased debt, leading to further school fee hikes."

He further addressed T-ship payments, expressing, "While I assume the T-ship scheme is operational, are students fully aware that they are charged for T-ship?"

The vice chancellor addressed a spectrum of concerns raised during the meeting. These included the necessity of registering for medical exams to facilitate prompt healthcare provision for critically ill students. She expressed displeasure at the instance of duplicate payments, mentioning her lack of knowledge regarding students paying to use the stadium, which she assured would be investigated. Discussing the rationale behind students paying for professional exams, she clarified, "Our objective isn't to qualify as licensed medical doctors; we produce graduates in nursing, engineering, and various fields under the NUC. Professional licensure is managed by the relevant authorities, for which we bear the cost. Initially set at 35k, I've subsequently reduced this fee to 30k."

The Governor General of Malabor, Comr. Livinson Arikpo underscored that students in the Fishery Department are categorized under the sciences and are charged the same fees. He queried why the Fishery Department incurs expenses for studio and laboratory use. Senator Ugah James raised concerns about dual payments during clearance, questioning the difference between payments for Alumni and Friends of Malabor. Meanwhile, Comr. Everly Chimaraoke advocated for reduced fees as students advance to higher levels.

The Vice-Chancellor, in response to these raised concerns, mentioned, "Final year students pay higher fees, with a variance of 15k:10k for academic gown and 5k for Alumni. I'll address the potential double payment issues related to Friends of Malabor and Alumni fees. Additionally, I recognize the challenges faced by students in the Fisheries Department and will look into it."

Regarding hostel conditions, the Malabor Spirit Head, Adah Mathias lamented, "Several hostels lack adequate cleaning staff and sanitary equipment. We handle hostel cleanliness ourselves and contribute financially. There's ambiguity about the utilization of hostel accommodation fees and whether the sanitation levy included in the school fee covers hostel maintenance." The Secretary of Hall Chairs corroborated this statement.

Highlighting security concerns, he further emphasized, "The Vice Chancellor's hostel faces frequent thefts and break-ins. Despite this, students unfairly suspect Malabor boys. To safeguard our students, a vigilante group with Man-o-war at Malabor's level has been formed. What is the purpose of the security fee paid."

There were inquiries about the payment of caution fee, prompting discussions advocating that the funds for caution should align with equipment costs. However, the Vice Chancellor clarified, "Funds allocated for specific items can be utilized for other purposes. For instance, our university incurs costs for NUGA Games per student annually, despite our long-standing debts. Clearing these debts is essential, especially as we aim to host the NUGA Games in 2026. Other expenditures, such as departmental accreditations and accommodations for visiting accreditation teams, are essential and not precisely categorized."

The management presented a new proposal categorized by faculties. The NACRISS president appealed for fees to be reorganized according to science, non-science, and professional departments for improved communication.

Despite extensive negotiations and discussions, the meeting was deduced inconclusively. It has been rescheduled to convene again on December 13th, 2023 for further deliberation.






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