*Governor Of Cross River State.*

My dear people of Cross River State,

I address you today with a deep sense of concern and responsibility. As your Governor, it is my duty to ensure peace, stability, and progress in our beloved state.

Recently, there have been developments in the State House that threaten to undermine our collective efforts towards a better future. I refer to the power tussle that has led to the impeachment of the Speaker.

While I understand the political dynamics at play, I must emphasize that every due protocol should have been followed, respecting the constitutional rights of all parties involved. We must not allow personal interests to hijack our democracy and destabilize our government.

Let me be clear: I will not allow anyone to destroy the progress we have made so far. We are working hard to cope with the current economic challenges affecting our nation, and we cannot afford to be divided among ourselves.

I urge all parties involved to maintain peace and calmness. Let us resolve our differences through dialogue and respect for one another. We are all Cross Riverians, and our unity is our strength.

Let us work together to build a prosperous and peaceful state, where everyone has a chance to thrive. I thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Long live Cross River State!

Long live Nigeria!

Senator Prince Otu

Governor, Cross River State"

Pst Chief Bill Francis Bill Governor Prince Otu Spokesman.

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