By Chris Edadi ✍️

One of the greatest qualities of great successful leadership at all levels is selflessness first. Though, it's every man right and privileges to aspire to certain positions of leaderships,if opportunities avails itself or most times it's created either by man or nature and this is not far from the tussle of who replaces the vacuum of speakership within the central senatorial district of cross river state.  

 Though,I was equally shocked when it's obviously on record that Boki 1 and 2 had shown *unwillingness* as contained in the document appealing for obubra 1 constituency representative  choice of speakership for equity and fairness regarding the position of the old Ikom and it proximity therein and in another development,I have equally came across a similar quotes confirming same *unwillingness* of the aforementioned in the leadership of speakership in  one of the pro - Hon. Cyril Omini write-ups respectively.

Even though,. it's still within their rights and privileges to aspire but  giving the fact that one of the best quality of leadership is *selflessness* and relax *mindedness* and  in the scenario when we are in dire quest for critical leadership of the tenth assembly  in cross river state, it's relatively crucial that we sought for the *unwilling* especially if we have seen such prospective quality in them for the of legislative service delivery and compliance effectiveness in the legislative practices and grand norms.

Beside,leadership is basically and ideally for service and when you know what you can do with the privileges of any opportunity for service of the people, then you have no reason to struggle for it, because it will come naturally.

I therefore wish to say this to the 18th house members and others who will join soon that, even though it's the right of every qualified member of the house to aspire or be sponsored either directly or indirectly via internal or external sources but it will be in the best interest of the tenth assembly and the state generally, if the members deliberately chooses from amongst you by yourself  base on experience, intellectually, dedication and leadership character for effective legislation in the tenth assembly in collaboration with the executive  to compliment the good leadership of the Governor of cross river state state His Excellency prince Bassey Edet Otu.

If you know what you want you want, please go for it whether *willing* or not, but I still believe that Boki stance very *green* in the position of the speakership of cross river state for a better, bolder,bigger and mutual working relationship within house members, the executive and the entire cross river state atlarge.

Great leaders don't struggle for it, you go  for them  and desperate leaders never made good leadership.

Ours is just to  Share opinion and critical suggestions but the house members are to decide or execute what you wanted and the entire publics is curiously  watching, if you can justify your moves for righting the wrongs permanently and this characteristics can only be evaluated in your steadfastness in your disposition for change of leadership and your options of replacement.

Thank and God bless you all.

E get why 🙏🙏

Chris Edadi ✍️

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