Today, I want to take a moment to celebrate the invaluable contributions of workers and the working class to our society. 

I acknowledge and appreciate their dedication, resilience, and immense sacrifices across various sectors. Their contributions constitute the backbone of our progress and prosperity and even though they face numerous challenges, they have consistently strived to ensure the well-being and development of our nation and world.

I want to, particularly, express my deepest gratitude to all the workers in Obubra/Etung Federal Constituency. Like their counterparts the world over, they have displayed unwavering commitment to their chosen fields and contributed significantly to the advancement of our constituency, state, and nation. 

While we celebrate these great men and women on this special day, we must not forget to reflect on the importance of ensuring fair and just working conditions, equal opportunities, and the protection of workers' rights. We must join hands together to continue to advocate for policies that promote decent work, dignified employment, and improved welfare for all.

Additionally, I encourage employers to prioritize the welfare of their employees, provide a safe work environment, and recognize their hard work and dedication. 

Finally, as a lawmaker, I   promise to advocate for the implementation of policies that support the growth and empowerment of workers, fostering a harmonious and thriving workforce.

May their hard work be recognized and appreciated not just today, but every day. 

Once again, happy Workers' Day! 

Rt Hon. Mike Etaba,

Member representing Obubra/Etung Federal Constituency

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